Dream are the essence

the artist is visionary

an artist is able to see


Jewel and fashion collections
The conceptual and poetic jewels arises from the desire to contain technology. The core of the medaillion in fact, is a cd containing a poetry, just a very soft embroidery reveals a track, the essential is invisible to the eyes, one sees clearly only with the heart.
Art and calligraphy
The artist’s studio is a place of solitude, far away from any kind of trend, style or market, it’s a place of grace and light, a meeting with the supreme.
Art ispired by the Kabbalah
A spiritual concept related to the Hebrew alphabet. The artist research is fonded on the experimentation through numerical value (ghematry). The creativ power, the mystic and divine significance implicit in the 22 letters form the heart of the Jewish esoteric tradition: the Kabbalah.