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Born in 1965 in the USA, her mother is from Argentina (originally Russian / Hebrew) and her father is Swiss, at the age of 6 sandra moves with the family to Ticino (south Switzerland). She attends studies in textile and graphic design at the CSIA in Lugano (Art Academy), in 1987 she graduates in graphics.
After a few years of travelling and working as graphic designer, she increases her interest in other forms of art and feels too conditioned by the strategy of a selling market, all this leads her in a new direction and fallows her dream to live in Venise.
Sandra has the chance to work in the restoration field and in the meantime she attends classes in restoration and museology at the UIA (Art university). During this period, in this particulary atmosphere, between east and west culture, the daily confrontation of the past with the contemporary, the “Biennale d’Arte”, the glass fabrics, the water and the all day walking…lead her to develop a fondness for glass made art forms and creates her first works. Venise is a surprising place for her, that seduces and opens her mind and soul.
Back to Ticino she dedicates herself mainly to contemporary art, interior decoration, graphics, illustration and calligraphy. After the birth of her daughter (1995) she starts to project and realize children interior design. Sandra is a naturally curious person, who enjoys experimenting new materials and techniques and currently perfecting the art of calligraphy at various workshops in Milano, Verona and Matraia with International teachers.
In 1997 she inaugurates her own workshop. Sandra lives and works in Torricella (near Lugano) with her children Martina (1995), Sebastian (1998) and Louis (2007).