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In 2001 the artist has started together with an enterprise in the dental field the realization of art work created with industrial scrap material of the company. Each year a new limited edition is presented.
The art work becomes a bond between the client and the manufacturer because it creates culture but also principles that respect our planet.


These small size works reflect our lifes, in this moment nothing seems possible without technology, everything must be synthetic and used up immediately with abbreviations and symbols. The way to communicate has changed into e-mails, sms,...it has more to do with “applications” rather than a simple way to put people in touch with each others. The artist creates short, immediate and intense messages, they can be romantic, sensual, spiritual or ironic but they always remain a positive vision, unique and poetic. The serie is created with cut outs of old fashion reviews, calligraphy, cloth scraps and other materials. The serie is also available as a 28 day calendar gathered together in a refined silk envelope or on request the artist creates your personal serie.