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25.-29.September 2013
Sandra von Rubenwil
A spiritual concept related to the Hebrew alphabet. Through numerical value, mystic and divine significance implicit in the 22 letters the artist investigates the creative power of the letters forming the heart of the Jewish esoteric tradition: the Kabbalah.

The theme of Sandra von Rubenwil’s artistic research is founded on the experimentation and practice through numerical value and the mystic and divine significance implicit in the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Oral tradition explains that the 22 letters contain an incredibly high energy capable of cultivating consciousness in those who study them or in whoever simply admires and appreciates the letters.
Each letter in fact can't be fixed in the common conscience: it's intuition, it's material, it's body, it's transmutation, it's essence. The essence is revealed through 3 levels: the form (material and light), the sound (vibration) and the numerical value (content). The study of the significance and the creative power of the letters forms the heart of the Jewish esoteric tradition: the Kabbalah.
Kabbalah makes it possible to perceive the “fil rouge” that unifies everything inside and outside of the universe and has the power to guide us to the highest elevation of the soul. The Kabbalah principle is based on the consciousness that everything existing in the physical reality is an illusion but which appears to us as the only accessibile reality. On the other hand, the spiritual dimension is palpable only through the soul (intuition, unconscious, dreams..) and to reach and join that invisible and endless reality it is necessary to create a bond.
The artist creates this bond through the experience of study, meditation and perception of the corresponding significances and later through drawing and painting the letters. With her work the artist desires to share the mystical experience of the spirit and oneness that can lead to permanent spiritual enlightenment as the singular key to obtaining universal harmony.

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